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Private Speech and Language Therapy for Adults

  • Nov 15, 2023
  • S&L Therapy

Private Speech and Language Therapy for Adults: What You Need to Know

Private speech and language therapy for adults is customised to the cognitive status of the individual and provides a personalised and targeted strategy to tackle their particular communication disorder.

If you are an adult who struggles with speech, language, communication, or swallowing difficulties, you may benefit from private speech and language therapy. Whether you have a neurological condition, such as stroke, Parkinson's disease, or dementia, or a voice disorder, such as vocal cord paralysis or nodules, a private speech and language therapist can provide you with individualised assessment, diagnosis, and treatment that is tailored to your needs and goals.

In this blog post, we will answer some common questions concerning private speech and language therapy for adults, such as:

  • What are the benefits?
  • What is the duration?
  • What can I expect from private speech and language therapy sessions?
  • How do I find a qualified private speech and language therapist?
Benefits of Private Speech and Language Therapy for Adults

Private speech and language therapy for adults can offer many benefits, such as:

Personalized attention

A private speech and language therapist can tailor the assessment and treatment to your specific needs, goals, preferences, and learning style. You can also have more flexibility in scheduling your sessions and choosing the location of your therapy (e.g., home, office, clinic, etc.).

Faster progress

A private speech and language therapist can provide more intensive and frequent therapy than public services, which may have long waiting lists, limited sessions, or group settings. This can help you achieve your communication goals faster and more effectively.

Evidence-based practice

A private speech and language therapist can use the latest research and techniques to provide the best possible care for your communication disorder. They can also monitor your progress and adjust the therapy accordingly to ensure optimal outcomes.

Holistic approach

A private speech and language therapist can address not only your communication skills, but also your emotional, social, cognitive, and physical well-being. They can also collaborate with other professionals (e.g., doctors, psychologists, occupational therapists, etc.) and your family members to provide comprehensive support for your communication needs.

Effective Vocational rehabilitation and Speech rehabilitation

Speech and Language Therapists can rehabilitate individuals who have suffered a decline or loss in their capacity to function or communicate because of injury, illness, disability, or other factors in their professional and personal lives. This assistance can aid them in rebuilding their self-assurance, abilities, and independence, and enhancing their prospects for achievement.

Duration of the private adult speech and language therapy

The duration of private speech and language therapy for adults depends on several factors, such as the type and severity of your difficulty, your motivation and compliance, and your personal circumstances. Generally, you can expect to have an initial assessment session that lasts about an hour, followed by regular therapy sessions that last between 30 to 60 minutes. The frequency and number of sessions will vary depending on your needs and goals, but typically you will have one or two sessions per week for several weeks or months. Your therapist will review your progress regularly and advise you on the best course of action.

Excellent Outcomes

The outcomes of effective private speech and language therapy for adults extend beyond improved communication skills. It fosters a sense of empowerment, self-assurance, and resilience, enabling individuals to embrace their unique journey of transformation. By receiving personalised support and targeted interventions, adults can navigate their speech and language challenges with a renewed sense of optimism and determination, paving the way for meaningful progress and lasting change.

S&L Therapy London: The right choice for private adult speech and language therapy

At S&L Therapy London, we offer proven, timely, and practical advice to help people regain their personal and professional excellence through effective speech therapy. Our collaborative approach involves partnering with all relevant parties to create lasting solutions for our clients. We assist individuals dealing with swallowing, speech, language, and communication difficulties stemming from various conditions, such as Parkinson's disease, dementia, motor neuron disease, stroke, brain injury, stuttering, fluency disorders, and voice problems.

We also work with our patient's families and caregivers to provide support and enhance their understanding of swallowing and communication challenges. You will receive a comprehensive diagnosis report and a customised vocational or speech rehabilitation and speech therapy plan tailored to your specific requirements.

If you are interested in private speech and language therapy for adults, you can find a qualified and registered therapist at S&L Therapy London and book your first assessment by visiting our website , or you can contact us at to book a free consultation with one of our experienced therapists. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve your communication and swallowing goals.

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